About Farnoosh

Farnoosh Farokhzad is an Iranian classical pianist known for her passionate and expressive communication of musical stories and genuine connection with the audience. Based in the Netherlands, she's dedicated to further popularizing classical music in the modern era.

Farnoosh has gained recognition through performances at major events and venues in Tehran. Notably, she received an honorary invitation to the Saba Music Festival and represented her nation at the Armenia International Music Festival and Piano Competition. She has a rich performance history in the Netherlands, both as a soloist and within chamber music groups in several venues, including De Kopermolen Vaals.

As a former ballet dancer, Farnoosh uses her unique background to express emotions through music. Her urge to bring freshly written notes to sound took her to Tehran's "House of Artists," where she was invited to premiere works by contemporary Persian composers.

Aside from traditional stages, Farnoosh founded "Save a Day," a trio ensemble bringing music to healthcare institutions, emphasizing the impact of music beyond saving lives.

Born in 1994, she started her piano journey at 12, eventually earning a Master's degree in Piano Performance from the Maastricht Conservatorium.

With over a decade of teaching experience, Farnoosh is not just a skilled pianist but also an adept piano instructor, using modern and efficient teaching methods to foster her students.

Farnoosh's vision goes beyond stages and classrooms; she aims to create a transparent connection between music and the listener, resonating deeply not just in the ears but also in the hearts.