Farnoosh Farokhzad, an Iranian classical pianist, has gained recognition for her exceptional ability to express musical stories and her deep affection for music, which she enthusiastically shares with her audience and students.

More about Farnoosh

Residing in the Netherlands, she strongly advocates for the promotion of classical music and its enduring relevance in today's world. With her unwavering passion and dedication, Farnoosh continues to inspire and captivate listeners with her unparalleled talent on the piano, constantly striving to preserve the vibrancy of this timeless genre in the contemporary era.

Her unceasing curiosity for new musical horizons has consistently driven Farnoosh to breathe life into freshly composed pieces, culminating in her invitation to the prestigious “House of Artists” in Tehran. Here, she skillfully premiered works by renowned contemporary Persian composers.

Hailing as an accomplished Iranian pianist, Farnoosh has garnered professional recognition through performances at prestigious events and venues within her homeland. Most notably, she was extended an honorary invitation to the Saba Music Festival and proudly represented her nation at the Armenia International Music Festival. Upon relocating to the Netherlands, her artistic presence graced diverse stages, including the likes of De Kopermolen Vaals, where she delivered both solo performances and participated in chamber ensembles.

Yet Farnoosh's passion for communication goes beyond the concert hall. In 2022, she took a stride further by founding “Save a Day,” a trio ensemble committed to bringing the healing power of music to healthcare institutions. Driven by the ethos "We might not save a life, but we can Save a Day," this ensemble strives to lead their special audience on an inspiring musical journey that transcends physical confines.

With over nine years of experience, Farnoosh is also a seasoned and adept piano teacher. Her teaching journey, enriched by her robust background, equips her with the skills to passionately guide her students on their musical path."

Born in 1994, Farnoosh embarked on her piano odyssey at the tender age of 12. Following her debut concert at 16, where she showcased her talent as both a soloist and orchestra collaborator, she embarked on a steadfast journey towards a professional career in piano performance. Her pursuit led to her completion of a Bachelor's degree in piano performance with honors and full scholarship at the Art University of Tehran. Subsequently, she further honed her craft, graduating from the Maastricht Conservatorium with a Master's degree in Piano Performance.

Bearing a vision of bridging music and the audience in a seamless, transparent manner, Farnoosh aspires to let the beauty of music transcend mere auditory sensation and deeply resonate within the hearts of her listeners.

As a former ballet dancer, Farnoosh has a unique ability to convey her emotions through music, effectively expressing herself as well as interpreting the essence of music itself.

When not gracing the stage as a soloist, she lends her talents to chamber music ensembles and orchestras, leaving her mark on both national and international platforms.